Tape Measure Camera Ruler 3D Отзывы пользователей

Good app but not what I was looking for

This app does good for measuring things on walls but not for measuring things laying on a table. I bought the pro version to see if it would give more options but it didn’t and I can’t find a way to get a refund. My advice is don’t purchase the pro version because if your not happy with it there’s no getting your money back

Run from this app


Just Awful

Impossible to use due to terrible interface and before you can even do anything it will pillage your screen with ads.

Over doing the ads

A bit much with the ads while attempting to learn about the product.

Do not install

* Confusing interface, developer clearly doesn’t understand interface design or user experience. * Ads everywhere. Seriously everywhere. * Not optimized for latest iPhone. * App asks me to rate it constantly, even though I tap “Not now”. You wanted a rating?? You got it. 1 star.

You cannot even use the video part

You cannot even use the video part






Too difficult to operate. Waste of money and time!!!!

Junk. All adds and no functuonality

I this would be amazing. Unfortunately the screen is so cluttered with ads and videos and advertising crap that you can't really use the app. Incredibly disappointing given the potential




Can't even take a measurement without a full screen ad popping up. Not sure if the app even does what it claims.

Doesn't work

Opens and crashes 😡

Poor execution. And showstopper bug

Brilliant concept using focal length so that the customer doesn't need to manually calibrate like other apps! However, was not even able to get the grids to even appear after calibration. Designer needs to bug check at least primary function before releasing. Instructions are also in terrible need of improvement! This app has huge potential someday!


I've had physics, trig, drafting, and lots of other spacial/math education, but I do not understand your app at all. I can guess sizes easier and closer to correct dimensions than this.

Does what it should. Very accurate

This app works out of the box. The readings are better readable compared to former verions. Accuracy is quite amazing. Happy with that ...


App seems to work but the constant nagging to upgrade to the pro version makes the program completely unusable.

It works!!

I had much hopes about this app and I am glad it rose to the occasion. I strongly suggest going through their help manual a couple of times and doing some test runs. Well worth the purchase. The error margin is well under control. I checked it's measuring accuracy with both a tape as well as laser measure and it was within 2-3mm of each of them. A great shout out the the developer for a fantastic easy to use app!

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